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Glimmers Inc. Award - Light Up Party Decorations

Light Up Party Decorations

We're here to Make Your Life a Little brighter since 1990!

Everything we do lights up - but it does so with good taste and style! That's what makes Glimmers completely unique in the marketplace.

Since 1990 we have been lighting up events with light up party decorations. Our very first was the classic Christmas Tree Pin that Hillary Clinton wore at her Christmas tree lighting in the White House in 1994.  Today's beautifully-colored sparkly white 3" balls, Styr-O-Lites ®. Glimmers stands for quality, fun and, most definitely, pizazz! We pride ourselves on superior service. The Glimmers team is ready to make your party an event everyone will remember. Contact us for more information on our decorative lights.

  • Jill Flynn
    Founder and Owner

    Favorite Glimmers designs: Styr-O-Lites ®, Star Lites and Clip on stars.

  • Sandy Means
    Office Manager since 2007

    Favorite Glimmer designs: Styr-O-Lites ®, and Star Lites and Clip on Stars of course.

  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Electrical & packaging consultant and designer since 1992

    Creator of the incredible 2" Styr-O-Lites ® the 9" indoor/outdoor star and Star Lites.

  • Lori Schultz
    Bookkeeper since 2013

    Favorite Glimmers design: Light Up Mood Ball.

  • Graphic Designer
    Since 1993

    Favorite Glimmers designs: New Star Lites, Red Heart, and Clip-On Stars

  • Graphic Designer

    Favorite Glimmers which she designed: Happy Birthday pin; Red Heart pin; Cowboy Boot pin.

Our shining party star decorations come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Top sellers are Star lites which measure 2" x 2" and come in clear with white lights. FDA approved and waterproof; you can float them in punch bowls, guest's drinks, pools, and fountains or scatter them on tables. Or use them with rods for centerpieces. Fun and safe for all ages, the battery life is 100+ hours, and there's an on/off button. They are happily featured at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's eve parties. They're perfect for any party. Everyone loves their joyful sparkle.

Another favorite is the light up clip on star featuring elegant white lights. They serve two purposes beautifully: first, as a festive table decoration clipped to a glass, cup, napkin, or place card and then as the perfect party favor. Once people start clipping them to their lapels, collars, gowns, tuxes, and yes, their hair, the party's energy really takes off! Replaceable batteries last 100+ hours.